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How Can Regular Asphalt Maintenance Extend the Life of Your Driveway?

Asphalt is a popular choice for driveways because of its durability, affordability, and aesthetic appeal. However, like any other material, asphalt requires regular maintenance to keep it in good condition and prevent costly repairs or replacements. In this blog post, we will explain how regular asphalt maintenance can extend the life of your driveway and what services ALC Property Maintenance can offer to help you with your asphalt needs.

What are the benefits of regular asphalt maintenance?

Regular asphalt maintenance has many benefits, such as:

Preserving the appearance of your driveway

Asphalt can fade, crack, and stain over time due to exposure to the sun, rain, snow, chemicals, and traffic. By seal coating your driveway every two to three years, you can protect it from these elements and restore its original color and shine. Sealcoating also fills in minor cracks and prevents them from spreading or forming potholes.

Enhancing the safety of your driveway

Damaged asphalt can pose a risk to drivers and pedestrians, as it can cause tire damage, vehicle damage, tripping hazards, and accidents. By repairing cracks and potholes as soon as they appear, you can prevent further deterioration and ensure a smooth and even surface for your driveway. Repairing cracks and potholes also prevents water from seeping into the subgrade and causing erosion or instability.

Saving money in the long run

Asphalt maintenance is much cheaper than asphalt repair or replacement. By catching problems early and fixing them promptly, you can avoid more extensive and expensive damage to your driveway. Asphalt maintenance also increases the value of your property and enhances its curb appeal.

What are the services that ALC Property Maintenance can provide for your asphalt driveway?

At ALC Property Maintenance, we have the expertise and equipment to handle all your asphalt maintenance needs. Our services include:


We use high-quality sealers that are resistant to water, oil, gas, and UV rays. We apply the sealer evenly and carefully, following the manufacturer’s instructions and industry standards. We also make sure to clean and prepare the surface before seal coating, removing any dirt, debris, or vegetation that could affect the adhesion or appearance of the sealer.

Crack sealing

We use a hot rubberized crack filler that bonds with the asphalt and seals the cracks from water and debris. We also use professional crack-sealing equipment that ensures a precise and efficient application of the filler. We can seal cracks of any size and shape, from hairline cracks to large gaps.

Pothole patching

We use hot or cold asphalt mix, depending on the size and depth of the pothole. We also use proper compaction techniques to ensure a durable and smooth patch. We can patch potholes of any dimension and location, from small holes to large craters.


We use high-visibility paint that is compliant with ADA and local regulations. We also use accurate measurements and markings to ensure a neat and professional striping job. We can stripe any type of parking lot, from small driveways to large commercial lots.

How can you contact ALC Property Maintenance for a free estimate?

If you are interested in any of our asphalt maintenance services, you can contact us today for a free estimate. You can fill out the form on our website, call us at +1303-564-1018, or email us at We will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible and schedule a visit to your property to assess your asphalt condition and provide you with a fair and honest quote. We look forward to hearing from you and serving you with our quality asphalt maintenance services.


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